Bulk SMS Marketing Service

It's a marketing campaign that is used to generate more volume, personalized and two-way technique. This marketing campaign is done using some pc or tablet and engages hundreds of users at a time.

There are various plus points of using text message campaign as it improves customer acquisition, service, reduces cost, preservation, and faithfulness. This way is the best for engaging all the customers by using the reach and power of messaging service.

Benefits of using our bulk SMS services strategy can bring your business to the next level through many advantages:

  • It provides quick response time, about 90% of text messages are delivered within 10 minutes, and if you send a message that comes into that 10%, you will be happy to grasp that on average, as people will stare at their phones 150 times a day.
  • It is low Cost and provides high ROI. For a small to average sized businesses the cost of outdoor announcement like Newspaper ads, commercials, etc. can be expensive is unnecessary. Bulk SMS messaging, has a course setup and operating loss. Campaigns can be designed and sent out to 1000 customers in seconds for a small fraction of the cost.
  • The Excellent Open rates make it super efficient; unlike email where the open price is less than 10%, text messages have a 94% free and read speed.
  • It is Cost effective as text message marketing provides an easy, affordable way of spreading your message to a broader audience, at the cost of just pennies per word, depending on the text service you go for.

What makes us trustworthy in Bulk SMS Service?

The system we use for sending SMS is simple and easy that helps is running bull of SMS and text message campaign within minutes. With one tick you can send a note to thousands of people just by adding them to a link and running a campaign.

Select the timings for SMS Campaigns

While using our bulk SMS service, you can also select the time of campaigns at different times of the day. Everything is in your hands.

With our responsive and fast bulk SMS service you can do wonders. Order us immediately and try this service.